The grapes used to make this ‘gem’ originally hails from the Rhône Valley and has a higher concentration in flavor & natural sugar for its longevity on the vine. She’s harvested mid-November at 36 Brix and then aged 4 months in stainless steel. The results are a rich, gold-colored wine with a residual sugar of 6% and great legs. Once coined as ‘Negligee in a Bottle’, Moonstone is always thought of as a dessert wine but few realize that it also offers a beautiful balance to spicier cuisines like Thai food or rich cheeses & charcuterie.

Fun Fact: The Moonstone is a more brilliant version of the Opal stone

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Wine Specs
Vintage 2016
Varietal Viognier
Harvest Date Late November
Sugar 36 brix
Aging 4 months is stainless steel
Residual Sugar 6%
Alcohol %11.5

Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes: Late harvest wines have the most intense taste of any wine, not only a concentration in flavor and sugar but the grape actually produces more and develops a variety of flavors the longer it is on the vine.
Food Pairing Notes: Thai food! Definitely Thai food!!