Pumpkin Protein Doughnut 6 Count

AHHH SMELL THAT SPICE... Need more protein in your diet? Don't like the taste? No time for breakfast? Need nutrition on the go? No Worries! WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION... These Pumpkin Crumb Doughnuts have a delightful pumpkin flavor,soft tender crumb, buttery topping are packed with protein, low in fat and low in sugar. Best of all GUILT FREE These are baked (not fried) doughnuts are the perfect on-the-go breakfast for not just a crisp autumn day but for any day. Eat them cold, at room temperature or warm them up for am extra special treat. What do you receive: 1/2 Doz (6) Doughnuts to a Package Your No Sugar Added Protein doughnuts are shipped frozen with ice packs - Freeze or refrigerate upon receipt STORAGE: Freezer: Your doughnuts will stay fresh up to 3 months ( keep in airtight packaging or container) Refrigerator: In a container up to 1 week They are Diabetic Friendly, No Sugar Added ( 1g sugar), Great for those trying to reduce their sugar intake, Make a great gift, Great for family gatherings Nutrition: See Nutrition Label for full list of ingredients and Macros * This Product is manufactured in a facility that uses Nuts and Gluten