GrainBooster Gift Set: 1 “Weight Loss Smoothies” 95 Recipes book + 1 bag of GrainBooster

GrainBooster - Montgomery County, MD

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Special Gift to Inspire Wellness. Enjoy or offer this original and healthy gift set with:

- 1 "Weight Loss Smoothies: 95 calorie counted recipes" book by Liana Green.  

- 1 bag or GrainBooster (1 lb)

Prepare a pleasant and tasteful whole-grain-nutty flavor smoothie or enrich with powerful nutrients your favorite shake/smoothie recipe. Just add it up!

This book includes great ideas for smoothies simple to make and that can be made in any high-speed blender. All recipes list the calorie content as well as the main health benefits.

GrainBooster is an original blend recipe of grains and seeds (Chia, Quinoa, Oats, Amaranth, Granola…) elaborated with 100% natural ingredients. Easy to prepare: a perfect option for those on the go. Enjoy it for breakfast, at dinner or as a snack.